Your Elemental Topics in Linguistics

Module 1 Design, Animals, Sound
Unit 1 Design Features
Unit 2 Design Features Practice Quiz
Unit 3 Animal Communication
Unit 4 Animal Communication Practice Quiz
Unit 5 Language and Sound
Unit 6 Language and Sound Practice Quiz
Unit 7 Quiz on Module 1
Module 2 Words, Rules, Meaning
Unit 1 Grammar for Words
Unit 2 Grammar for Words Practice Quiz
Unit 3 The Wonder of Syntax
Unit 4 The Wonder of Syntax Practice Quiz
Unit 5 Meaning and Semantics
Unit 6 Meaning and Semantics Practice Quiz
Unit 7 Quiz on Module 2
Module 3 Speaking Meaning, Community, and Mind
Unit 1 Speaker Meaning
Unit 2 Speaker Meaning Practice Quiz
Unit 3 Language and Community
Unit 4 Language and Community Practice Quiz
Unit 5 Language and Mind
Unit 6 Language and Mind Practice Quiz
Unit 7 Quiz on Module 3
Module 4 Styles, Stories, and Applications
Unit 1 Stylistics and Word Art
Unit 2 Stylistics and Word Art Practice Quiz
Unit 3 Stylistics and Story
Unit 4 Stylistics and Story Practice Quiz
Unit 5 The Rewards of Reading
Unit 6 The Rewards of Reading Practice Quiz
Unit 7 Applied Linguistics
Unit 8 Applied Linguistics Practice Quiz
Unit 9 Quiz on Module 4 and Review
Module 5 Class Activity PDF Documents
Unit 1 Here are the Class Activity PDF Documents

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